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PCBA design

Brushless motor vacuum control board

1.Voltage range: 5V - 36V
2.Power range: 60W-600W
3.Speed range: 30000RPM - 150000RPM
4.Control mode: single resistance non inductive FOC control
5.Closed loop mode: power closed loop
    PCBA control board:

    Technical features:
    1. Adopt the chip solution of Fortior tech and brushless motor solution
    2. Vacuum cleaners provide stronger suction when blocking vents
    3. Intelligent identification of carpet, floor and other application environment, intelligent matching of input power
    4. Real-time monitoring of the state of the motor, can realize under-voltage protection, over-current protection, temperature protection, start protection, blocking protection, lack of phase protection, overspeed protection, brush blocking protection.
    5. Low BOM cost, super suction, super quiet, high efficiency, super high speed, super fast start and stop

    PCBA design 2:

    PCBA design 3:

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