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Company Profile

Guangdong BPI-Life Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2020 in Rongyi Building, Songshan Lake High-tech Industrial Park, Dongguan. The company focuses on small household appliances PCBA research and development, product design, and the production of finished product. We provide one-stop solutions for small household appliances, and committed to becoming the world‘s leading one-stop solution provider for small household appliances, we can provide customers with small household appliances product design, research and development, production, as well as a full range of after-sales service.
Guangdong BPI-Life Electrical Technology Co., Ltd has a professional small household appliance PCBA R&D team, an ID/MD design team, and a complete production factory, and have in-depth cooperation with various chip manufacturers in the small household appliance industry, to provide a one-stop overall solution from technology to product and to market. Guangdong Bipai Electric Technology Co., Ltd. responds to the National 14th Five-Year Plan, relying on Bipai Group to deeply cultivate the field of small household appliances, and is committed to becoming a global leader in small household appliance technology, create sustainable products and services to promote green, healthy and sustainable development of small household appliances industry  
Guangdong BPI-Life Electrical Technology Co., Ltd business philosophy is "Professional, Collaboration, and Sharing". Based on strong technology research and development, and with the goal of serving customers, it continuously develops and innovates small household appliances , and share value with customers.