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PCBA design

High Speed Hair Dryer( Strip board)

• Input voltage: 220-240V
• Maximum speed: 110000RPM
• Brushless motor drive (PMSM)
• Vector-controlled Drive (FOC)
• Maximum motor running speed of 130000RPM
• Wide range of input AC voltage
• Constant temperature and speed PID control
• Easy installation
• Low electromagnetic noise
• Safety certification

    BPI-Life brushless high-speed blower driver uses a standardized blower hardware configuration standard to replace the traditional DC brush solution.

    The blower driver is equipped with AC zero crossing detection circuit and heating wire control circuit, which supports heating wire constant temperature control algorithm. Hardware PID temperature control, can achieve 1000 times /S temperature detection, temperature control accuracy is less than 0.5℃

    It can realize the motor from static to the highest speed of only 0.5S, stable start without jitter.

    By matching the suction power, real-time monitoring of the motor running state, to achieve accurate alarm of the tuyere.

    The software has safe and reliable protection functions: over and under voltage protection, over current protection, locked-rotor protection, phase loss protection, power protection, start protection

    Typical applications:

    ·1. Personal care blower

    ·2. Pet blower

    ·3. Small heat gun

    ·4. Industrial drying gun

    Technical features:

    • Brushless motor Drive (PMSM)

    • Vector Control Drive (FOC)

    • 100,000-200000 RPM motor operating speed

    • Wide range of input AC voltage (AC)

    • Constant temperature and constant speed PID control

    • Easy installation

    • Speed closed loop control/power closed loop control

    PCBA Size:




    Input voltage:

    AC 200-240V


    maximum speed:



    Output current, voltage:



    Heating wire controls the temperature:

    40°C to +80°C(待定)



    FPC-0.5mm 11P


    storage temperature:

    -30°C to +80°C

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